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We are an Information Technology & Digital Media Company with 9+ years of multi-industry experience.

Established in the year 2013, Infothrone is a conglomerate Information Technology & Digital Media Company which provides various services to businesses and individuals around the globe. With its widest reach, it enables clients to achieve business objectives with ease and efficiency. In our journey of over 8 years, we have managed to be the trusted service provider for hundreds of clients around the world. Working for various clients, we experimented and excelled at different strategies, techniques and technologies which contribute much to our experience by polishing the knowledge we possess and has always made us grow the business in the momentum it generates.

Our services are highly customizable to serve the clients in a better way so that each unique service we offer help them to make an identity for their brand and we make sure that the quality of our services always makes their tasks easier to handle.

Our Vision

Like the Energy – Mass Theory, we believe in another theory called “Universal Information Theory”.

According to the Universal Information Theory, everything in this universe that we see, feel and experience are information. On a wider aspect, we must admit that the whole universe is information.

As an organization, Infothrone tries to handle information in as many forms as possible and use it for the betterment of the society. The different types of information we create, collect, organize and propagate plays significant roles in different areas of life. To be precise, transforming lives by applying graduated information is our vision.

Our Mission

“Knowledgivity” is one of our self-coined terms and it clubs the concepts of knowledge and creativity.

Knowledge is something that we acquire and creativity is something we generate. By clubbing these two different concepts, we coined the term Knowledgivity and with it, expect ourselves to showcase exemplary outputs.

For us, every assignment or project that we handle is to be completed successfully in a way that only we can do it and our mission is to be able to apply our Knowledgivity to provide outstanding services to individuals, businesses and the society. With respect to each assignment, we extend our services in various arenas to achieve optimum results.


To run a business is a challenge. I started my career at the age of 19 as a media personality and it enabled me to deeply understand the thick and thins of business promotions. I have seen businesses enrich their brand names and climbing the ladder day by day and organizations that perish helplessly. This made me ponder about helping businesses to build and stabilize brands in their respective industries by applying what I learned. Thus, Infothrone was born. Now we build, raise and manage brands for businesses in almost every industry.



Founder & CEO, Infothrone

We help businesses to

Get on the right track

Our Expertise

The success of every strategy solely depends on the way we think and act. A dedicated, industrious and committed team with more than a decade of work experience turns the wheels of Infothrone. Innovation and creativity are the deep-rooted qualities that we inculcate and nurture in all that we do. With the workforce handling discrete tasks in contrasting domains, we navigate our clients through their digital move transforming all verticals of business. We empower businesses on a digital as well as native scale to generate an unprecedented degree of performance and delectation.

Our Promise

A business in every stage needs the appropriate environment, inputs and of course branding, advertisement and technical support. As one of the fastest growing digital media companies, Infothrone recognises how important it is to project a brand name and its spirit to the right audience with the panache it deserves. We’ve been into business for years and with the superior level of experience we gained by working for hundreds of clients across the globe, we can clearly say that our creativity, consistency and precision can make magic happen for businesses.

Our Services

Designed to Power your business

With our bouquet of services and responsive workforce, we are able to cater our services to clients located anywhere in the world with the best experience possible just as and when they require it. We also provide sector specific services for businesses that can help clients gain momentum in their specific industry which can eventually build better brand value and ROI (Return On Investment).


Web Design, Web Development, Hosting Management, Assets Management


Android, iOS, Hybrid, Native

Search Engine
Optimization (SEO)

On-page SEO, Off-page SEO, Technical SEO


Strategy Development, Roadmap defining, Digital Advertising,


Social Media Posts, Advertisements, Engagements, Strategy Development, Campaign Management


Creative & Technical Content, Photography, Videography, Graphic Designing

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Phone: +91 – 91 88 010 636

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I first hired them for a project in 2014 and it was quite a nice experience. My previous web developer left the job in a miserable state and it was Infothrone who made it working again. I used them again for a few more works and they were efficient in all the works they did.

Liam Peter
Artis Mobilaria
Rating: 5

INFOTHRONE is definitely a pleasure to work with. They are not only patient but is of course very on top of the assignments that you give them. The time difference almost did not seem evident because they were able to execute the deadlines on time. They will also make sure you are satisfied with the end product.

Josephine Ocheni
Book A Venue
Rating: 5

I have worked with INFOTHRONE on several occasions and they are  is always professional and does a great job. Job well done!!!!

Tamara Powers
Web Nerds
Rating: 5

We’ve used INFOTHRONE on a few projects and they have performed perfectly, always there to help, we have more projects they’ll be working on for us in the very near future.

Darin Mandy
Asset Photography
Rating: 5


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